Welcome to the International French School of Tirana!

The International French School of Tirana (EFIT) welcomes today 98 students, from 2 to 15 years old, in direct teaching for the primary and in collaboration with CNED from 6th to the 9th grade.

EFIT, which is approved and supervised by the French Ministry of Education, leads students of more than 10 nationalities to excellence, as CNED’s results have shown for several years.




MATERNELLE (small school) is built on a model primarily educational, not social or hygienist.it is a school…

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Primary School

Elementary school is the school that accepts children from six years of age, when compulsory education begins in France.

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In the French educational system, “The College” is the common name of the undergraduate studies of the second degree.

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EFIT - 2018-2019